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Tamara Dutina

Tamara is SuperAdmins' Marketing Manager. As a big fan of content writing, she likes to cover up-to-date cloud-related topics and use the opportunity to further broaden her knowledge.

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What is Cloud Bursting and Does Your Business Need it?

Published on: 09 09 2021

Back in 2014, NASA launched a satellite called OCO-2 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2) to gain more insight into the Earth’s carbon uptake. Two years later, they had petabytes of gathered data that needed to be processed which would have taken over 3 months and cost about $200,000 if they had used on-premise data centers for […]


How Managed Cloud & Open Source Solutions Fuel Business Growth

Published on: 29 07 2021

With the modern business landscape becoming more and more saturated and competitive in recent years, companies worldwide face an ongoing challenge of emerging through the noise and initiating growth. The resources are often suboptimal, which can make the process of developing a cost-effective and sustainable business strategy an insurmountable problem for many companies.  Luckily, with […]


Interview with Simon Best, CEO of BaseKit

Published on: 03 06 2021

Solutions like BaseKit enabled many small and local businesses to survive the Covid crisis with opening the online sphere. Read the interview with their CEO Simon Best.


Why Will 2021 Be A Year Of SaaS

Published on: 09 02 2021

SaaS is sweet from every angle: it is adjustable to any company budget, it’s agile, flexible and versatile from both strategic and operational perspective. Finally, SaaS promises and delivers numerous benefits to the user, the central figure which will enable this blooming cloud market to remain the leader for years to come.