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    Talk to our Azure Experts

      Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Benefits

      Microsoft Azure is an assortment of cloud computing services, including remotely hosted and managed versions of proprietary Microsoft technologies, and open technologies, such as various Linux distributions deployable inside a virtual machine.

      Azure has distinct advantages as a platform for hybrid cloud management and PaaS capabilities, while also bringing a well-integrated environment for testing, developing, and deploying cloud apps.

      Managing your infrastructure on Microsoft Azure brings some distinct advantages:


      Scale up or scale down relative to your current situation and requirements

      Reduced Costs

      Microsoft’s enterprise agreements provide all-in-one software bundles with your cloud solution

      PaaS Advantage

      Azure gives stronger and faster PaaS capabilities with shared resources in real time and automated scaling

      Security & Compliance

      First to apply the new international standard for Cloud privacy, ISO 27018

      Why Look for Help with Azure Cloud Management

      With all the advantages that cloud computing brings to the table, planning, designing, implementing, deploying, and managing hybrid and cloud-native architecture on Microsoft Azure is a challenging endeavor and can be costly if you lack skilled cloud solution architects, engineers, and administrators to run a smooth operation.


      A suboptimal cloud architecture on Azure can end up costing you more in time, money, and missed opportunities


      Poorly implemented ci/cd and automation processes on Azure can result in more harm than good


      Setting up and monitoring security on Azure can be convoluted and needs small steps and continuous testing to avoid negative scenarios


      Azure Advisor is rarely a sufficient resource for high confidence decisions when optimizing usage of VM instances, database servers, and ExpressRoute circuits

      How we can Help

      Dedicated team

      SuperAdmins offers you a cross-functional and dedicated team of Microsoft Azure engineers, security experts, solution architects, and support staff for your peace of mind.

      Creative engineers

      Our cloud-native engineers are certified, informed, communicative, and creative with the tools and services available on the Azure platform, to the benefit of your business.

      Combined, our experts have decades of experience in helping companies deliver value and maintain business continuity on Microsoft Azure.

      Our Azure Cloud Management Expertise & Services

      Dedicated Azure Experts Services Activity
      Azure Cloud Administrators 24/7/365 monitoring and support Around the clock support which includes real time monitoring, incident response and escalation
      Security Engineer, Cloud Administrator Security management Around the clock support which includes real time monitoring, incident response and escalation
      Azure Solution Architect Performance and cost optimisation Cost analysis, optimisation proposals, and implementation to minimize waste of resources
      Security Engineer, Cloud Administrator Infrastructure and Server Maintenance Proactive monitoring, server and infrastructure assessment with operative system patch management.
      Security Engineer, Azure Cloud Administrator Backup and disaster recovery DR plan creation and implementation with an optional environment as a failover for a disaster recovery; automated snapshots and maintenance of the retention period.
      Azure Solution Architect, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, AWS Cloud Administrator Infrastructure and server management Infrastructure as Code, usage of custom built templates, configuration management.

      Our certifications

      Ask for a Proposal

      Your onboarding to better Azure cloud management starts here. Leave your details to get a high level solution proposal.

      Azure Cloud Management Process & Deliverables

      Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

      Get in touch with our experts for a free high level assessment and proposal.

      Our business and technical experts will walk you through towards a precise definition of your challenges and needs, so that we can offer the best possible solution.

      Discovery & Onboarding

      Our 2-week onboarding process will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business needs.

      Together, we will leave no stone unturned and conclude this phase with an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to set you up on the Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud.

      Implementation & Deployment

      Our team of Azure Cloud experts will add expertise to your IT teams to implement and deploy your applications and data.

      Our Azure implementations will provide a high degree of speed, agility and flexibility for both your development and production environments, attuned to compliance requirements in your industry and service areas, and ensuring business continuity for your services.

      Proactive Support & Management

      We take your uptime and security seriously.

      Our dedicated support ensures high availability of your services, integrity of your data, cost optimization through resource management, and proactive reporting on any security threats.

      As your application and business develops on Azure, we shall continue consulting you on how best to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, features and tools.

      Some of Our Happy Clients

      What Do
      They Say

      Milan Piscevic

      IT Manager @ Europoint/Tenfore

      Team expertise is equally important as choosing the right technologies. In previous projects we have convinced ourselves of the vast expertise of SuperAdmins’ Azure team that was willing to advise and support us at any point in time.

      Nikola Mitic

      CEO @ COFA Games

      SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

      Sal Occhipinti

      Director @ Gotham Web

      I love working with you guys because you are smart!

      Boris Manola

      CTO @ CBS Systems

      The quality of SuperAdmins engineer teams and their sense of responsibility has made it possible for CBS to exceed its goals.

      Case Study

      How We Helped A Fintech Client Leverage Azure Storage For Long-term Sql Server Backup, Reduced Costs (Threefold) & Improved Security

      Our client now stores a portion of their data in the Hot tier for fast accessibility reasons, while the files that don’t need to be accessed instantaneously are being stored in the Archive tier. This cost optimization process resulted in reducing the client’s Microsoft Azure storage costs by threefold.

      Read the whole case study here:

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