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Five 9’s of uptime isn’t just a myth and we can prove it. Your service availability and uptime is our duty.

The Benefits of Ensuring Premium Uptime

When considering various cloud services, there’s one thing to pay special attention to - the cloud provider’s uptime guarantee.

You will find that the guaranteed uptime is frequently above 90%. However, the small print also says that the uptime also depends on how you optimize your infrastructure and resources.

Premium uptime of your services and applications in the cloud brings core benefits to your business:

Optimal Availability

With uptime management you can achieve up to 100% service availability. Nothing makes the paying user happier.

Speedy Recovery

Ensuring premium uptime will lead you to apply the best disaster recovery practices, resulting in quick service recovery, data user integrity, and business continuity

Stable Revenue

Extended and frequent downtimes lead to loss of users, reputation and, ultimately, revenue. Retaining users is harder than acquiring them. A stable service translates to a steady bottom line

Simple Scalability

Utilizing the elasticity of cloud services means scaling up or down will never be an issue, and sudden surges in users and requests (yes please!) won’t be a challenge.

Why Look for Help with Your Uptime Management

Ensuring continuous uptime isn’t a one-person job and requires a high degree of knowledge and versatility in cloud technologies. Outsourcing will knock out not two, but four proverbial birds with one service:

Real-Time Monitoring

Constant monitoring of cloud service performance, tracking KPIs, and continuous improvements decrease downtime, and ensure that when issues occur, they get resolved in a timely manner

Infrastructure Maintenance

Bolstering cloud service reliability through regular maintenance ensures that all work is performed when required, with minimal impact on quality of service

Increased Security

Experienced uptime management teams help keep security threats at bay by implementing the best DevSec practices and security policies

Optimized Performance

Avoid the trap and cascading effects of resource overload. Experienced DevOps teams will know how to preempt and handle surges in requests and usage peaks.

Ongoing Consulting

A proactive managed services provider will continue proactively supporting you with advice on how to further improve your infrastructure to maintain premium uptime

How we can Help

Businesses, employees, and users all expect and demand seamless digital experiences. This requires you to have as close to 100% availability and functionality as possible, in order to have the competitive edge in a highly saturated market of online services and apps.

We understand how important it is to match availability of service with the quality of your software product. Our dedicated teams of certified cloud-native engineers, solution architects, are here to provide you with the premium uptime your market and users demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Premium Uptime

We spoke to many cloud experts, but no one guarantees an uptime of 99,999%. Do you put this into your SLA?
We can place a guarantee to every aspect of our work if the project is entirely in our hands. Planning and architecturing an ecosystem which will ensure 99,999% uptime is an expertise you can rely on. However, if SuperAdmins team of cloud architects has inherited an already designed infrastructure, the assessment phase will project the extent of our uptime possibilities in such an environment and this will be clearly communicated with you.
We are in the process of releasing a new version of our app. Is there something we can do to ensure a lower downtime?
We advise our clients to develop software solutions that are modular so that we can design an uptime plan separately for each module. Every element of the system must be monitored since that will provide us with early warnings of possible failure and log and audit trails which will help in finding the problem and devising a solution.
How do we maximize uptime of our application?
The first step is to make sure that you’re using an appropriate cloud architecture. For example - make every segment of your cloud footprint highly available - infrastructure components, services, even regions but keep the budget in mind. Second - set up your processes like BCP, patch management etc. And finally - organize your operations team for 24/7 monitoring and quick response times, if you don’t have your internal operations team or enough capacity for 24/7 cloud management - partner with a company who has the capacity and competence - both technical and process-wise.
How to stop constant issues with uptime of our cloud applications?
Recurring incidents on your cloud infrastructure usually indicate that there is a bigger issue somewhere inside your cloud design. Guide your operations team to execute RCA for any recurring incidents or ask for help from an experienced cloud partner who will review all aspects of your cloud footprint and provide with the right solution.

Uptime Management Process & Deliverables

Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

Get in touch with our experts for a free high-level assessment and proposal for maintaining premium uptime of your services and applications.

Our business and technical experts will walk you through the assessment and towards a precise definition of your challenges and needs so that we can offer the best possible solution

Discovery & Onboarding

A series of workshops will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business needs.

Together, we will leave no stone unturned and conclude this phase with an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to set you up for premium uptime and service availability.

Implementation & Deployment

Our team of system administrators and cloud experts will act as a natural extension of your IT teams to help you run and manage your infrastructure.

Our implementations will provide easier scalability, increased security, and optimal service availability, all customized to make your services run uninterrupted.

Proactive Support & Management

We take your uptime seriously.

Our dedicated support ensures high availability of your services, integrity of your data, cost optimization through resource management, and proactive reporting on any security and availability threats.

As your business develops, we shall continue consulting you on how best to take advantage of the latest technology and opportunities, while maintaining the stability and scalability of your services.

Ask for a Proposal

Your journey to a more stable cloud service starts here. Fill in our questionnaire / leave your details to get a high-level solution proposal.

Client reviews

Nikola Mitic

CEO @ COFA Games

SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

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Our team had to overcome 6 challenges to ensure AOH on Google Cloud can seamlessly grow along with the number of players, while each growth increment and its cost is easily predicted and optimized.

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