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Talk to our Experts


    Talk to our Experts

      Understanding the E-Commerce Industry

      With the advent of the new normal, we are witnessing a significant spike in demand and usage of e-commerce platforms and solutions they run on.

      The common symptoms for e-commerce services and platforms that are unprepared for this shift in the behavioral patterns and habits of buyers are service outages, slow loading times, crashes in the buyer journey, all resulting in poor user experience and fleeing customers.

      One of the main challenges e-commerce businesses are facing is setting up and running a sound infrastructure that will curb these symptoms, while ensuring the security of data, optimizing costs, with smart and automated resource management.

      Our team is well-versed in terms of what simple and complex e-commerce ecosystems require to run a smooth operation, providing premium user experience, uptime, and security, while fine-tuning resource usage to drive down costs and meet ROI targets while offering competitive pricing to consumers.

      Our expertise extends across different e-commerce platforms and solutions, such as Shopify and Shopify+, Magento, Bold, Nosto…

      SuperAdmins Expertise & Services

      Security and Compliance

      Full application of the latest security and compliance standards for your market, along with PCI DSS implementation. Your transactions and customers are safe in the cloud.

      Frictionless Experience on any platform

      Utilizing the elastic capabilities of cloud solutions to dynamically adjust to variability in consumer traffic and requests will ensure a user experience with no glitches and crashes, no matter if you’re on Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify.

      Premium Uptime

      Best disaster recovery practices, user data integrity, constant oversight and timely maintenance can bring your uptime to the magical realm of five 9’s - 99.999%

      Optimal Costs

      Free up your budget and drive ROI with better resource optimization, power scheduling, rightsizing, lifecycle management, and cloud solution implementation.

      SuperAdmins Solution for Your Industry

      Reducing your cloud infrastructure costs may seem like mission impossible. We choose to accept this mission.

      Our certified engineers, project managers, and business analysts will work with you on setting realistic cloud infrastructure cost optimization goals and fully utilizing the power of scalability.

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      Case Study

      SuperAdmins helped an e-commerce business on their journey that started with a necessary leap to hybrid-cloud setup, and continued towards a scalable, cloud-native infrastructure.

      If you’re interested to learn more about our process,  the challenges we ran into along the way and how we solved them, read our case study

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      Client Reviews

      Josh Currie

      Executive Producer @ The Charles

      Rastko and his team at SuperAdmins are incredibly talented with impressive expertise in infrastructure set up and DevOps. They were able to successfully complete a challenging project with almost impossible turnaround time. Their quick responses and transparent communication style make them a pleasure to work with.

      Sal Occhipinti

      Director @ Gotham Web

      I love working with you guys because you are smart!

      Boris Manola

      CTO @ CBS Systems

      The quality of SuperAdmins engineer teams and their sense of responsibility has made it possible for CBS to exceed its goals.

      Nikola Mitic

      CEO @ COFA Games

      SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

      Zoran Matic

      Project Manager @ Carnegie Technologies

      “For the project ‘Creating multiple AWS Environments’, SuperAdmins provided expertise, with on-time analysis, implementation and delivery. They proved to be a valid partner, followed our instructions and suggestions, and provided feedback during each stage of the project.”