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Containerize your applications and microservices for granular control over the release management cycle.

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      Benefits of Containerization

      Containerization is the bundling of applications with all of their related configuration files, libraries and dependencies required for them to run efficiently across different computing environments.


      Containerizing applications in your CI/CD process brings some much needed benefits:


      Containers are a solution to the problem of how to get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another, whether it’s from a developer's laptop to a test environment, from a staging environment into production, or from bare metal infrastructure to a private or public cloud.

      Scaling & Speed

      Whether you are building an application from scratch, migrating from a monolithic solution, or updating an existing microservices architecture, containerization is the way to go for complex and multi-feature software applications that need flexible scaling, high availability and initiation times, and fine-grained deployment.

      Improved Security

      By building security into the container pipeline and defending your infrastructure, you can reinforce each of your microservices or application components, allowing for an agile development lifecycle, as well as introducing a security-first mindset into your DevOps framework and practices

      Cost Efficiency

      Will leaner requirements for resources, infrastructure, configuration and maintenance, compared to VMs and physical server networks, containers are the most cost-effective way to build, test, and deploy your application in a microservices architecture, with the proper automation and security policies and practices in place

      Why Look for Help with Your App Containerization

      The benefits of software containerization also bring the challenges of implementing containers on your infrastructure.

      Unless your DevOps team is keen in using containerization platforms, such as Kubernetes and Docker, you might be overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the work that needs to be done.

      These tools are not one-click installation packages, but rather require ongoing development and improvement of a production-ready infrastructure. Using such tools requires having the full picture in mind, knowing the ropes and advanced features of the system, as well as adjusting and improving along the way.

      How we can Help

      SuperAdmins can help you configure and run your containers optimizing performance and costs.

      Microservice Packaging

      By letting us package your microservices, we can help you achieve better server utilization rates, reduce costs and boost initiation times for improved user experience of your distributed applications with containerized microservices.

      Container Orchestration

      By handing us the reins of container orchestration, you will reap the benefits of automated deployment, management, scaling, networking, and availability of your containers without a glitch, for a smooth and error-free CI/CD process.

      Security Management

      The security of your data and users is crucial for your business. By trusting us with the security of your containers, you will be rewarded with full-scale security measures for your applications, container pipelines, deployment environment and infrastructure, integrated with your enterprise security tools and policies.

      Ask for a Proposal

      Your onboarding to better Containerization starts here. Leave your details to get a high level solution proposal.

      Our Containerization Process & Deliverables

      Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

      Get in touch with our experts for a free high level assessment and proposal.

      Our DevOps experts will walk you through towards a precise definition of your challenges and needs, so that we can offer the best possible solution for running and managing containers in your cloud.

      Discovery & Onboarding

      Our 2-week onboarding will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business needs.

      Together, we will leave no stone unturned and conclude this phase with an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to containerize your applications on your cloud infrastructure.

      Implementation & Deployment

      Our DevOps team will add expertise to your IT teams to run and manage your containers.

      Our implementations will provide optimal microservice packaging, orchestration, and security for your containers to run smoothly across all stages of software development.

      Proactive Support & Management

      We value your time, security, and business viability.

      Our dedicated support team will optimize costs and time to market of your containerized apps with smooth and smart orchestration and automation, while keeping a close eye on the security of your data and users.

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