Containers as a Service

Choose faster, smarter and a proven way for your software deployment pipeline using Containers as a Service with SuperAdmins

Professional guidance through this integral part of a DevOps architecture goes a long way. With our dedicated team and their versatile experience in containerization, every DevOps project truly embodies the DevOps culture. 


What does it mean? 

  • A more agile and significantly secured deployment, whether for a new, cloud-based or an existing application  
  • Ability to run more than one application on the same machine 
  • Quick start up and complete flexibility in running, no matter the platform or configurations 
  • Significant increase in productivity and efficiency  
  • Easy tracking of your application code iterations

Why should you opt-in
for Containers as a Service
with SuperAdmins?

From a Microsoft MVP to a Linux guru

Our team consists of engineers and cloud solution architects with immense experience and certified competence. If you decide to work with us, you will have a crew of Microsoft, Linux, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure experts at your disposal. Learn a bit more about our certifications here. 

A proactive approach to security and cost saving

We proud ourselves with the level of our client service and managementOur cloud-native engineers are assertive and attentive to details. So, whether your needs are only those of monitoring the health of the hosts or you’re setting your app on containers from scratch, they will make sure it is safe and cost-effective. 

Ready to push the limits

The dynamic nature of containers suits our business mentality. Skills, capacity and experience allow us to willingly take over projects others may deem a bit too ambitious.  

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With multi-cloud experience, our engineers are focused on:

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)

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Azure Container Service (ACS)

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Google Container Engine (GKE)

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It is no secret that containerization in the cloud is the future of software. Step into the future safely, as SuperAdmins team has got you covered.


Proper container management is essential if you are running multiple apps in a dynamic environment. The keyword here is automation. Without adequate tools, like Kubernetes or Docker, container orchestration would be an operational nightmare, or even a mission impossible. Luckily, a skilful team with plenty of experience in handling these tools can exploit the automation possibilities to: 


  • Ensure easier scaling, monitoring and new app version releasing  
  • Optimize the redundancy, availability and productivity of containers 
  • Monitor apps and hosts health and improve container security  
Overcoming Containers as a Service adoption challenges

Many companies’ operational culture is not, by default, optimized for containerization adoption. This 7-year old technology has an extremely rapid adoption rate. As a result, issues related with required IT staff skills (that is, lack of them), internal organization and security complexion quickly emergeTherefore, prior to the adoption, every team should rethink their development methodologies and processes. 


SuperAdmins will help you: 

  • Educate your team about Containers as a Service new way of developing, running and supporting apps made possible by containers 
  • Follow the DevOps principles which are necessary for successful containerization of your apps 
Containerization and microservices

The microservices approach to app architecture brings so many advantages to building and monitoring applications. As opposed to the obsolete, monolithic approach, microservices “break” the app into independent functions, allowing more agility for the development. Containers are, by far, the best place to run microservices. However, doing it right can is very time and skill demanding. If you wish to fully utilize the microservices potentialchoose a reliable and experienced partner. 


Our team’s background will make sure to: 

  • Optimize the architecture so software releases are faster and of a greater quality 
  • Maximize the scalability of each app component  
  • Handle the communication between the microservices and possible errors  
Containerization security management

The popularity of containers also brought a growth in security issues of all kinds, threatening to spread around all layers of the architecture. As much as 94% of users face a security concern, while almost 50% of people say they deployed containers known to have vulnerabilitiesTo make sure your container ecosystem safety is preserved, give your application stack and lifecycle security an expert perspective.  


You can leave the SuperAdmins team with: 

  • Complete security of the container pipeline, environment and infrastructure 
  • Handling container-specific vulnerability management tools and processes to ensure total compliance of files/images 
  • Content and access management 
  • Security scanning and monitoring of the container environment 

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