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Your competitive advantage in the cloud hinges on a rock solid cloud strategy. Let’s dive into your stack and come up with a future-proof plan.

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      The Benefits of Having a Cloud Strategy

      A cloud strategy is the combined wisdom of your business vision, technological setup, and organizational design, placed into a manifest that will guide your actions throughout your cloud journey.

      Having a cloud strategy will allow you to pace all aspects of your business growth, so that you are always providing outstanding service to your customers, while keeping your teams focused and operational costs streamlined.

      Why Look for Help with Developing your Cloud Strategy

      Setting up a cloud infrastructure for a new project, or migrating a legacy or underperforming cloud stack to a new provider and solution is a process fraught with a myriad of variables, risks, and emerging issues across business, technology, and development.

      A majority of businesses simply do not plan for the cross-domain expertise and experience to deal with the complexity and demanding nature of setting up a cloud stack or planning and executing a migration to a new one.

      With this in mind, companies are at peril of creating suboptimal cloud infrastructures and undeserving their market as a result.

      Here are the most frequent problems related to the lack of or a poorly designed cloud strategy:


      A cloud implementation that results from a missing or suboptimal strategy will almost certainly produce poor solutions in terms of architecture, security, and pipeline design, resulting in patchy service, downtime, and loss of revenue


      Migrations from a legacy setup or outdated cloud infrastructure without meticulous planning can lead to loss of data integrity and eat up much of your resources that you need to maintain business continuity. Migrations should be efficient and effective as a result of a sound strategy.


      Products and projects in the cloud often suffer from poor cost optimization due to inadequate planning in terms of which cloud technologies and resources to apply and how to efficiently use them. The result is the inability of a business to set competitive pricing and reap higher ROI.

      How We Can Help

      Cross-functional expertise

      SuperAdmins possess cross-functional expertise across cloud technologies with a history of successful implementations in a wide array of industries and niches.

      Tailored cloud strategy

      Our approach to addressing the challenges and problems of every single client puts special emphasis on detailed and meticulous analysis of your context and needs. Therefore, the first step in our endeavor to help you along your cloud journey is to produce a tailored cloud strategy that takes into account your needs across technology, business, and development.

      Clarify the missing pieces

      The quality and thoroughness of our cloud strategy development process and deliverables will help you discover and clarify the missing pieces in your business and technology stack, and serve as the North Star throughout your cloud journey.

      Ask for a Proposal

      Your first step to success in the cloud starts here. Leave your details to get a high level cloud strategy proposal.

      Cloud Strategy Process & Deliverables

      Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

      Get in touch with our experts for a free high-level assessment and proposal.

      Our business and technical experts will walk you through the process of creating a cloud strategy and towards a precise definition of your challenges and needs so that we can produce a solution that cuts an optimal path to your business goals.

      Deep Analysis & Discovery

      With the high-level assessment in place, we shall dive into a 2-week process of tight collaboration and workshops with your management and team. Together, we will leave no stone unturned in order to produce an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to set you up on your cloud journey.

      Architecture & Roadmap Design

      An integral part of our cloud strategy development process is to design a cloud architecture and implementation roadmap that will align with your objectives, technical dependencies, and the imperative of minimal disruption to your service and revenue streams.
      Tap into our wide range of cloud expertise to build a long-term plan that includes migrating to the cloud, adopting cloud-native technologies, and preparing your business for workload variables.
      Our suggestions will provide a high degree of speed, agility and flexibility, attuned to compliance requirements in your industry and service areas, and ensuring business continuity for your services.

      Proof of Concept

      The final step in the process of developing your cloud strategy is to demonstrate its effectiveness through a proof of concept.
      The proof of concept is a comprehensive simulation aimed to provide optimal cloud enablement for your project and business.
      We will also be able to predict performance and security risks and, as a result, provide recommendations for best practices in secure design, development, and deployment for the specific context of your project.
      On top of this, we will also test the chosen migration model to ensure that the data integrity and operation consistency are not compromised, in the event that you are migrating your infrastructure to a new cloud stack.

      Client Reviews

      Nikola Mitic

      CEO @ COFA Games

      SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

      Sal Occhipinti

      Director @ Gotham Web

      I love working with you guys because you are smart!

      Boris Manola

      CTO @ CBS Systems

      The quality of SuperAdmins engineer teams and their sense of responsibility has made it possible for CBS to exceed its goals.

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