Modernize Your Application - From Legacy to the Future of Applications

Out with the old, in with the new - the best way to hop onto the cloud of modern software development and service delivery.

The Benefits of Application Modernization

Moving from traditional to cloud native may have seemed improbable when the cloud first emerged. Today, businesses are scrambling to reposition their services and products on cloud infrastructure, and whoever does this better and faster will have a competitive head start in their niche.

According to recent Gartner surveys, more than one third of modern companies perceive cloud migration as an extraordinary opportunity for investment.

That is mainly due to these benefits:


Scaling in traditional systems relies on patchy forecasting and upfront investment, while moving to the cloud makes the scaling process fast, simple, and cost-effective

Competitive Edge

A modernized application will bring improved user experience to your customers and vault you over competitors who are still grappling with an outdated and inflexible infrastructure

Business Agility

Quickly identify areas where modernization will have the biggest impact on ROI and prioritize what to do first.

Why Look for Help with Modernizing of Your Application

Most companies are not in a position to develop in-house teams that are cloud-native and ready to tackle all the hurdles that come with refactoring and reengineering a long-running legacy application to run in the cloud, while maintaining service availability and business continuity. Modernizing your application can become a bottleneck of your business as the amount of concurrent activities required for the transition translate into technical debt, compromises with product and service quality, and dwindling revenue streams burdened by surging costs.

Here are some of the main problems you will encounter in the process of modernizing your application:

Transferring from On-premise to Cloud

Most legacy applications are developed and deployed on an on-premise infrastructure. For most businesses, modernizing their application requires moving to the cloud. Consequently, the migration requires that they abandon existing software and hardware, which can cause considerable disruption of service. The migration, testing, and switching to a new cloud solution needs to be carefully planned and executed so as to maintain continuity and quality of service, necessary to maintain customer satisfaction during the sensitive period of transfer.

Emerging Requirements & Dependencies

Modernizing large and complex legacy apps takes a significant chunk of time, practically creating a parallel project track for the development team. The app also has to be modernized without disrupting business processes and operations. On top of this, the new environment brings a whole new array of emerging requirements and unknowns that have to be resolved while maintaining business as usual. All of this can overwhelm an in-house team scoped to handle the application in its old environment.

Identifying Redundancies in Process, Resources, and Data

As an application portfolio grows, many organizations start to see duplication — different users or departments will use different applications for the same business process, duplicating data and doubling maintenance for IT staff. Lack of communication across teams and limited documentation can make it difficult to identify these applications.

How we can Help

SuperAdmins has broad experience with legacy applications, cloud migration, attaining server stability, data security, ensuring reliable resource scalability, and providing around the clock support and maintenance.

Our cross-functional and dedicated teams are certified, experienced, and well-informed about the latest technologies and their applications - they are always ready and competent to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application modernization sometimes includes app rearchitecting. I don’t see that you offer this service?
We specialize in the implementation of cloud-native solutions and consulting in the integration of DevOps technologies and processes in customer's SDLC. We do not provide developer services, to which re-architecting, re-coding and re-engineering belong. However, we can provide those services through our partner companies which specialize in application development.
We have just migrated our app to a cloud, yet it needs to be adjusted to the new, scalable framework. Do you provide app remediation services?
App remediation services enable a boost in functionality which is achieved with rebuilding the code and data. The goal is to make the app easier to maintain as a part of a highly-scalable framework. This is a developer’s work and for optimal results, it is highly recommended to align the changes with consultancy and recommendations from a team of cloud-native experts. SuperAdmins can provide you with such a team, as we specialize in implementing cloud-native solutions.

Process & Deliverables for Modernizing Your Application

High Level Analysis & Proposal (FREE)

Get in touch with our experts for a free high-level assessment and proposal for modernizing your application.

Our business and technical experts will walk you through towards a precise definition of your challenges and modernization opportunities so that we can offer the best possible solution.

Application Assessment & Modernization Roadmap

A series of workshops will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business needs.

Together, we will leave no stone unturned and conclude this phase with an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to set you up on the path towards modernizing your application through rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring.

Implementation & Deployment

Our team of engineers will act as a natural extension of your IT teams to run and manage the process of modernizing your application.

Together we will implement the application modernization roadmap through three distinct phases:



  • Rehosting
    Applying the right migration approach for your application, the first option being a simple lift & shift to get your apps on the cloud with minimal refactoring.


  • Replatforming
    Moving your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient business application platforms, like Microsoft Power Platform, Oracle, or Mainframe modernization.


  • Refactoring
    Helping you with re-engineering your application to a cloud-native architecture, for a better user experience, easier maintenance and smoother scaling

Proactive Support & Management

We take the process of your transformation in the cloud seriously.

Our dedicated support ensures high availability of your modernized app, integrity of your data, cost optimization through resource management, and proactive reporting on any security threats.

As your new application develops further, we shall continue consulting you on how best to take advantage of the latest technology and opportunities, maintaining the stability and scalability of your solution and business.

Ask for a Proposal

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