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      Benefits of DevSecOps

      When your company shifts to a DevOps mindframe and starts delivering software through CI/CD pipelines, security must also have an integrated role in the full life cycle of your applications.

      DevSecOps considers application and infrastructure security issues from the very start of the production cycles, while automating certain security checks and tests helps speed up and maintain momentum in your DevOps workflows.

      Instead of turning to security and testing at the end of the development pipeline, applying DevSecOps will bring your software development and delivery process the following benefits:

      Shorter Development Cycles

      Applying DevSecOps introduces security into your workflows from the very starts, dramatically shortening production cycles

      Built-in Security from End to End

      Security is a shared responsibility and collaborative effort of your teams, integrated from end to end of your development pipelines.

      Better Code, Better Product, Happy Customers

      With code and infrastructure put to the test with every iteration, the likelihood of defects and security vulnerabilities in the released products is very low

      Future Proof Security and Compliance

      DevSecOps integrates concerns for security and quality into the DevOps mindframe of your organization, preparing you to meet all new security challenges head on

      Why Look for Help with Your DevSecOps

      With DevSecOps, security has to be continuous and integrated at every stage of the software development and infrastructure life cycle. A business making this transition needs a new organizational mindset as well as adequate tools to make this happen.

      In a competitive market, both startups and companies are drawn into a relentless cycle of feature development and releases to keep up with user demand and competitor pressure.

      Unless the proper security mindset, policies, and practices are in place to support the DevOps process, companies have a hard time making this shift, as it pulls the focus of business and development teams from generating revenue to a security framework and process revamp for which they have precious little time.

      Outsourcing DevSecOps to an experienced team of cloud technology experts will provide you with expertise needed to properly infuse security policies, tooling, and practices into your DevOps. With a planned and organized approach, your team will have the much needed leeway to gradually integrate DevSecOps into their everyday operations while not dropping the ball with product development.

      How We Can Help

      Dedicated team

      SuperAdmins offers you a dedicated team of cloud security consultants and experts who will serve as your helping hand in the delicate process of assessing, designing, and implementing your security framework to match your DevOps setup and workflows.

      Rich experience

      Our cloud-native engineers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to make this happen, underpinned by infosec certification, delivered DevSecOps transformations, and the satisfaction of our clients.

      Ask for a Proposal

      Your onboarding to a secure DevOps environment starts here. Leave your details to get a high level solution proposal.

      Our DevSecOps Expertise & Deliverables

      Analysis & Recommendations

      The first step on your journey to implement DevSecOps practices and tools in your workflows and pipelines is a thorough analysis and understanding of your current infrastructure, application, and approach to security.

      Writing Security Policies

      Our security experts write comprehensive security and compliance policies in line with the ISO 27000 set of standards, providing a sound foundation for implementing and managing the security of your infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

      Assisting with Secure App Design

      Our engineers are well versed in the best practices for application and microservices architecture design and will provide you with the guidelines and procedures with your team, empowering you to deploy secure product increments throughout the software development lifecycle.

      Security Implementation & Monitoring

      With your security policies and application development guidelines in place, our engineers will implement your infrastructure and workflows within a DevSecOps framework, enabling secure CI/CD pipelines for your development team and monitoring your application in the production environment.

      Training & Supporting Adoption

      Our DevSecOps recommendations, assistance, and implementation go hand in hand with training and ongoing support that we provide to your development team. We believe it’s better to teach you how to fish, i.e. help your developers learn and get used to programming with security in mind, a process that involves your teams sharing visibility, feedback, and insights on known threats.

      Client Reviews

      Sal Occhipinti

      Director @ Gotham Web

      I love working with you guys because you are smart!

      Boris Manola

      CTO @ CBS Systems

      The quality of SuperAdmins engineer teams and their sense of responsibility has made it possible for CBS to exceed its goals.

      Josh Currie

      Executive Producer @ The Charles

      Rastko and his team at SuperAdmins are incredibly talented with impressive expertise in infrastructure set up and DevOps. They were able to successfully complete a challenging project with almost impossible turnaround time. Their quick responses and transparent communication style make them a pleasure to work with.

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