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Remove all your obstacles for software development and release with SuperAdmins CI/CD services.

Ensure high-quality code and faster time to market withmodernized delivery pipeline, thanks to Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). CI/CD helps you leverage the beauty of automation, by removing the potential of human error in reviewing, testing, reporting and validating the code in the repository.  

SuperAdmins DevOps team brings wide-ranging experience and deep understanding of fully optimized agile development practice and integrated work. 

Whether on cloud-native, on-premise or hybrid environment, we can guarantee to: 

  • Develop an automated end-to-end delivery pipeline for fast, safe and optimized building, testing and delivery 
  • Increase transparency and visibility of the pipeline, thus improving the workflow and communication 
  • Implement a practice which empowers developers to complete tasks in a timely and predictable manner 
  • Help you track the results and measure the set KPIs  

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How can CI/CD improve your deployment pipeline?

Problem detection agility with Continuous Integration

As the dev team works on new fixes, releases and improvements of the code, they share the alterations in a merge request. This request triggers an automated build and test sequence which identifies any errors as quickly as possible – usually within 10 minutes. Problem detection is provisioned in equal intervals on a daily basisThe immediate feedback enables the developer to respond promptly and avoid problem accumulation and aggravation.  


Key takeaways: 

  • Manual labour is removed from your team’s work scope  
  • Every code addition and change are integrated into the mainline, without threatening or breaking the previous work  
  • Bugs and problems are discovered and isolated quickly, reducing the backlog  
Automated release of quality confirmed code with Continuous Delivery

Regard the CD as the software development and release safety net. Automated! Closely related to CI, continuous delivery keeps the validated code deployable at any timeWithin the process, any weak areas are being minimized and the code which passed the automation test is ready to be pushed into production. With lowered risks and fast feedback, CD is an integral part of a coding best practice.  


Key takeaways: 

  • Code releases become predictable and safe, removing the usual risk of error overlooked due to manual work 
  • Consistency in reliable deployment means more releases  
  • Streamlined and automated release pipeline is cost-effective, as it eliminates many of the fixed costs associated with the deployment process 

How do we approach the CI/CD implementation?

Detailed analysis and a customized automated solution

A comprehensive plan phase precedes the implementation. We tend to combine Agile and Scrum methodology throughout all stages of the pipeline, ensuring a tailor-made solution according to the evaluation. 

Preparing the field

To make all the operations even more efficient, SuperAdmins DevOps team also helps you to prepare your team for the CI/CD workflow. Together we are working on procedure alignment, tool utilization training and consultation to ensure less potential pipeline turmoil. 

KPI tracking and further optimization

Prior to the pipeline architecting, we are defining the KPIs. But as DevOps brings short and long-term advantages for your release management, more indicators of the progress can be constantly added to the list and measured accordingly. 

Our approach is backed with recognized expertise

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How do we measure success?

Supreme code quality

With CI/CD you can implement A/B testing on a regular basis, collecting the feedback and tweaking the app to better user experience. A seamless dev and release cycle ensures that production is free of staging errors and pushes the final product only once all the health checks give you the green light.  

Shortened time to market

With the possibility to automate every process from the moment the code is written to the production time, your TTM is significantly reduced. This KPI will be very easy to track, as your team releases more solutions for the same or shorter period.  

Lowered infrastructure costs

Due to the smart utilization of machines. With CI software such as Jenkins or TravisCI, every test machine can be created and destroyed automatically after the testing is done. This way there is no waste as all the resources are fully utilized.  

No more redundant work

And a happy team. Your developers, QA experts and project managers can utilize the newly found time for more interesting projects and accelerate your competitive advantage. 

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SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

Nikola Mitic, CEO of COFA Games

I love working with you guys because you are smart!

Sal Occhipinti, Director @ GOTHAM WEB

Rastko and his team at SuperAdmins are incredibly talented with impressive expertise in infrastructure set up and DevOps. They were able to successfully complete a challenging project with almost impossible turnaround time. Their quick responses and transparent communication style make them a pleasure to work with.

Josh Currie, Executive Producer @ The Charles

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