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      Benefits of CI/CD Automation

      Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) ensure high-quality code and faster time to market with a modernized delivery pipeline.

      CI/CD helps you leverage the beauty of automation, by removing the potential of human error in reviewing, testing, reporting and validating the code in the repository. CI/CD also creates greater transparency of work in the team, and allows for easier and faster bug fixes, code refactoring, and iterative work.

      The more steps of the CI/CD pipeline you can automate, the faster quality releases can be accomplished and the happier your customers will be with your product.

      Implementing and automating CI/CD pipelines can help you in several ways:

      Better Code and Product

      With CI/CD you can implement A/B testing on a regular basis, collecting the feedback and tweaking the app to better user experience. A seamless development and release cycle ensures that production is free of staging errors and pushes the final product only once all the health checks are positive.

      Shorter Time to Market

      Automating every process from the writing code to deploying the latest release to production and live, will significantly reduce TTM The benefits are obvious and easy to track, as your team releases more solutions in less time, resulting in higher revenue and more value for the customer and end-user

      Reduced Costs

      CI/CD automation reduces costs in several ways. The shorter production cycles allow your teams to produce more value in less time. Setting up Infrastructure as Code can significantly reduce utilization of cloud resources. Easy scaling eliminates waste from your CI/CD process and pipelines.

      Happier Teams

      cCI/CD automation frees up a huge amount of time for your teams, that was previously spent on manual operations, refactoring, and process management. Your developers, QA experts, engineers, and project managers can utilize the newly found time to experiment, innovate, and take much needed breaks to refresh their focus

      Why Outsource CI/CD Pipeline Management

      CI/CD practices and automating software development is one of the most potent ways to reduce IT costs.

      Businesses find it challenging to adopt and maintain these practices, with limited budgets for expertise and relentless market competition compelling developers, operations, quality assurance, and business managers to focus on their day to day tasks and product milestones. Outsourcing your CI/CD processes and pipeline audit, design, and implementation can buy your teams the much needed breathing space to focus on daily coding and daily tasks.

      How we can Help

      Our DevOps team brings a wide-ranging experience and deep understanding of fully optimized agile development practices and integrated work. Whether on cloud-native, on-premise or hybrid environment, we can guarantee:

      Automated pipeline

      Develop an automated end-to-end pipeline for fast, safe, and optimized building, testing and delivery

      Better efficiency

      Increase transparency and visibility of your workflows and communication

      Effective practices

      Help you implement practices that empower developers to complete tasks in a timely and predictable manner

      Measuring KPIs

      Assist you with track results and measuring KPIs

      Ask for a Proposal

      Your onboarding to a smooth CI/CD process here. Leave your details to get a high level solution proposal.

      Our CI/CD Automation Process & Deliverables

      Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

      Get in touch with our experts for a free high level assessment and proposal.

      Our DevOps experts will walk you through towards a precise definition of your challenges and needs, so that we can offer the best possible solution for setting up your CI/CD process and automating your pipelines.

      Discovery, Analysis & Onboarding

      Our 2-week onboarding process will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business needs.

      To make the entire operation efficient and comfortable, we shall work with your teams to gradually adopt the CI/CD workflow in terms of procedure alignment, tool utilization, training and consultation, to eliminate any potential lack of coordination and bottlenecks.

      CI/CD Workflow & Pipeline Implementation

      Our DevOps team will add expertise to your IT teams to run and manage your CI/CD pipelines.

      Our implementations will provide all the necessary skill and tool management for setting up, automating, and orchestrating your pipelines from commit, through build and test, to production deployment.

      Case Study

      If you have a fully automated CI/CD pipelines it is easy to create new environments and implement changes

      Through deploying cloud-native technologies and using modern tools like Ansible, Packer and Terraform we achieved significant improvements in production speed and were able to deliver software and maintain environments as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Due to the nature of the request, the client could choose the best environment size for custom builds that required it and decrease infrastructure costs.

      Client review

      Zoran Matic

      Project Manager @ Carnegie Technologies doo Belgrade

      “For the project ‘Creating multiple AWS Environments’, SuperAdmins provided expertise, with on-time analysis, implementation and delivery. They proved to be a valid partner, followed our instructions and suggestions, and provided feedback during each stage of the project.”

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