Rise to Seventh Heaven with Your Cloud Spend

Reducing your cloud infrastructure costs may seem like mission impossible. We choose to accept this mission.

The Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization

With more businesses focusing on digital transformation, cloud computing has become a desirable business resource in every organization.

However, cloud computing also brings with it complexity in implementation and management with a hefty price. If not planned and handled well, these costs can really ramp up and affect the bottom line and competitive edge of your business.

In light of this, the benefits of cloud cost optimization are apparent:

Spend Less

You don’t have to spend a lot in order to have high-quality cloud computing. Fine-tuning your processes and resource consumption makes all the difference.

Achieve Optimal Results

With a lean-minded approach to utilizing your resources, you will free up time and forge a team mindset that focuses on creating more with less.

Predictable Costs

Analysis and projections of your resource usage relative to load, you will get full clarification and predictable costs for better budgeting and revenue targets

Expandable Infrastructure

Instead of operating with a structure you may need some day, utilize the advantages of an elastic infrastructure that adjusts to your resource needs by scaling up or down.

Why Outsource Cloud Cost Optimization

While every business wants to save on maintenance and running costs, it is simply hard to cover all the bases. Outsourcing cloud cost optimization to an experienced company with numerous use-cases under their belt give you a much needed helping hand:

Scalable Infrastructure Setup

A seasoned team of cloud infrastructure experts can get you set up and running in less time. You can hit your cost optimization goals in weeks rather than months or more, by outsourcing it to an experienced vendor

Resource Optimization

An experienced cloud-native external team working on optimizing your costs in sync with your DevOps saves your time and frees up resources for developing software and focusing on the customer

Guaranteed Results

Outsourcing to an established company with satisfied clients, proven user-cases, and defined KPIs is a guarantee of quality and accountability for the end results.

How we can Help

Our certified engineers, project managers, and business analysts will work with you on setting realistic cloud infrastructure cost optimization goals, and then apply their skills, knowledge, and SuperAdmins’ proactive work culture to deliver results and even exceed your expectations.

Cloud Cost Optimization Process & Deliverables

Assessment & Proposal (FREE)

Get in touch with our experts for a free high-level assessment and proposal to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs.

Our business and technical experts will go with you on a deep-dive in order to get a precise definition of your challenges and needs so that we can offer the best possible solution.

Discovery & Onboarding

A series of workshops will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, cloud expenses, and business needs.

Together, we will leave no stone unturned and conclude this phase with an optimally designed solution, specifications, and roadmap to set you up on the path for cloud cost optimization.

Implementation & Deployment

Our team of Cloud experts will act as a natural extension of your IT teams to implement and deploy solutions tailored to your needs.

Our practices and implementation will run hand in hand with your DevOps to maximize cost reduction of your cloud resources while optimizing performance.

Proactive Support & Management

We take your cloud cost optimization and performance seriously.

Our dedicated support ensures high availability of your services, integrity of your data, cost optimization through resource management, and proactive reporting on any security threats.

As your business develops and requirements for your operations in the cloud change, we shall continue consulting you on how best to take advantage of the latest technologies and features for cloud infrastructure management, while maintaining the stability and scalability of your solutions.

Ask for a Proposal

It’s time you stop fretting over your bills and start enjoying the full potential of cloud services. Leave your details and get a high-level solution proposal.

Client reviews

Nikola Mitic

CEO @ COFA Games

SuperAdmins demonstrated diligence, quick response and reliability for the projects we are working on. The final outcome definitely made a great change for the better and we are gladly continuing the cooperation.

Sal Occhipinti

Director @ Gotham Web

I love working with you guys because you are smart!

Boris Manola

CTO @ CBS Systems

The quality of SuperAdmins engineer teams and their sense of responsibility has made it possible for CBS to exceed its goals.

Case Study

How We Helped A Fintech Client Leverage Azure Storage For Long-term Sql Server Backup, Reduced Costs (Threefold) & Improved Security

Read the case study:

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Cloud Cost Optimization Solution

Do you need access to our infrastructure in order to create a detailed assessment?
Yes. Our engineers will ask for temporary access after we sign an NDA which ensures your data and infrastructure setting remain a private business matter. Signing an NDA is a quick and easy process with us, already done with dozens of our clients and potential clients.
Can you guarantee results in saving our resources on cloud?
No matter how your infrastructure is designed and set, there is always space for improvement. Especially when you have a team of highly experienced cloud architects at your disposal. Our engineers will dive into cost-saving opportunities and provide you with concrete results, with up to 50% lower monthly bills with continuous optimization of your resources on the cloud.
Can we set the monthly cost limit for our cloud infrastructure?
Setting the hard limit to your cloud costs is not a common practice as it contradicts the concepts of the cloud. Public cloud providers and cloud partners provide you with a set of best practices and tools that are intended to keep your costs under control.
Can public cloud providers guarantee the prices for cloud services for multi-year contracts?
For some services (IaaS resources for example) public cloud providers can guarantee prices for 1-3 years, but not for most of the services. Good news is, the history of cloud taught us that the services pricing trend is for prices to go down (but not in every case). Make sure that you stay informed about public cloud offerings and that you partner with the right company to guide you through the process.

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