Topic: Containerization

Running your containerized workload on Azure


One of the hosting platforms for application, that is in expansion over the last few years are containers. Containers allow you to package up code and all its dependencies and offer an isolated environment for running applications

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3 best practices for a well-secured container


The importance of properly secured infrastructure seems to rise on a daily basis. Whether due to new business demands or the sophistication level of the potential menace, yet it seems cloud security may be the hot word of the year.

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Containers, 2016 vs 2020: what has changed?


Is there something new that hasn’t been available in 2016? Has the technology matured enough that even those who are known to stick to proven technologies open up to containers?

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Containers vs VMs – Why choose containers?


While many will simply claim that containers the next generation of VM, things are not as simple in practice. Whether to choose for one or another should be decided based on your needs, budget and future plans. So, first of all, ask yourself these questions:

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How To Run Azure Container Instances


Azure Container Instances is a great option for deploying various workloads in Azure. Like as other PaaS services, it is managed by Microsoft, so you can focus on application development, instead of managing complex container infrastructure.

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Container: The Game Changer


Containers hold the promise of using an ever-higher percentage of the CPU, lowering the cost of computing and getting more bang for the hardware, power, and real estate investing.

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