Topic: Cloud Migration

How cloud-based remote education transforms the way we learn


The shift to remote learning showed that there are two main tests to pass: the psychological one – both for teachers and students who are required to maintain the pre-pandemic level of academic excellence and learning focus. The other challenge is virtual classroom implementation.

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SaaS: Cloud-native versus On-prem


Over the last decade, we witness that so many start-up businesses are SaaS-based solutions, mainly because the payment model moves from license-based to the subscription-based.

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Not even Covid can jeopardize cloud-based SaaS


Why this is a good time to be a SaaS This year’s Covid pandemic induced some quite extreme changes in the global economic climate. Ones with consequences we are yet to witness. How extreme these outcomes could be? Well, that depends on where you are in the industry spectrum. If you’re a SaaS – kudos! […]

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The public cloud journey begins with a hybrid cloud step


Moving to the public cloud at a full scale is not such an easy process in many scenarios. Potential show-stoppers could be pricing, inadequate knowledge of the public cloud technologies, old school administration mindset, etc.

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Lift and shift – an express lane to the cloud


Your cloud infrastructure still struggles to cope with peak usage and short downtime of one of your cloud provider’s availability zones caused your services to be unavailable. What went wrong?

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Definitive Guide to Understanding IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS


Understanding both the major and the underlying differences between the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models is paramount if you want your organization to function in the best, most optimal and most efficient way possible.

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