Boris Vezmar

Boris Vezmar

Boris is an AWS Solutions Architect and all-round Linux and automation aficionado. Bringing nearly 15 years of IT experience to the table, he's a person of diverse knowledge but with a strong knack for making things work seamlessly. Naturally, automation and DevOps tasks proved to be the right kind of challenge, especially when combined with the Cloud technologies of today. Sharing the knowledge, tips and tricks has a special place in Boris' life, and he does it whenever he can.

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How To: Reinforcing the bastion host

Published on: 11 05 2021

So, you have your crew scattered around the globe and those that have static IP are few and far between. You solved the server access by introducing the bastion host, but new issues arise all the time.


How to refresh Terraform state – Baking in ad-hoc changes

Published on: 25 06 2020

Every once in a while, it just so happens that you are about to wrap up a DevOps project: Everything is automated and works like a charm. All of a sudden, the client approaches you, asking if you could scale up the instance to one larger after all, and maybe add another security group.


DevOps – Revolutionary shift in the tech world

Published on: 16 04 2016

“There’s a new trend called “DevOps” that is sweeping the enterprise IT world and its become a life-or-death career situation for many IT departments…Like the manufacturers were in the 1970s and 1980s were fighting for their lives, today’s IT departments are going to fight for their survival.”