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How to Migrate Your Application from Monolith to Microservices


According to a 2020 O’Reilly report on microservices adoption, 77% of businesses have already adopted microservices, while 92% of them state they are experiencing success after migrating monolith to microservices. The trend to en-masse start using microservices application architecture comes as no surprise considering the multiple benefits that the microservices architecture provides, including: Improved resilience […]

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Five Most Common Questions About Microservices


This article should help you determine whether it is cost-effective to start an adventure called microservicel architecture, as well as avoid some major problems with the implementation of microservices.

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Monolithic VS Microservices: Which App Development Architecture to Use


Though many of the well-known apps we all use and love today were made within monolithic architectures, this type of framework is becoming outmoded due to a plethora of constraints that are intrinsic to this model.

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A developer’s handbook for security best practices


One thing that you notice once you embark on the arcane ways of offensive InfoSec (a.k.a penetration testing/red team engagement) is that your success is the direct consequence of someone else’s error.

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The Benefits & Implementation of the DevSecOps (SecDevOps) Approach to SDLC


The DevSecOps (SecDevOps) approach to software development is based on incorporating security in each and every stage of the cycle.

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SaaS: Cloud-native versus On-prem


Over the last decade, we witness that so many start-up businesses are SaaS-based solutions, mainly because the payment model moves from license-based to the subscription-based.

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Running your containerized workload on Azure


One of the hosting platforms for application, that is in expansion over the last few years are containers. Containers allow you to package up code and all its dependencies and offer an isolated environment for running applications

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Looking for a DevOps Expert for your Mobile App Automation? 8 Key Questions to Ask Them


This is a list of relevant and actionable questions you might want to go over with your potential DevOps engineer, so you can subsequently make a legit, data-driven decision about hiring the most adequate person for your mobile app development needs. 

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Infrastructure as Code Demystified: IaC Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices


Find out why Infrastructure as Code & DevOps are key to streamlining your development production and reap all the benefits of automation.

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DevOps Pipeline: CI/CD Best Practices for App Automation


Managing to produce apps quickly without any compromises and caveats in terms of quality and UX is not a simple task. Striving for a faster release cycle is a necessity, but high-quality products are rarely developed in a hasty environment.

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How DevOps Improves Mobile App Automation & Development


The DevOps approach to mobile app automation acts as a bridge between development and operations by creating a streamlined pipeline and a more productive collaboration between the teams and all other contributors working on a software piece.

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3 best practices for a well-secured container


The importance of properly secured infrastructure seems to rise on a daily basis. Whether due to new business demands or the sophistication level of the potential menace, yet it seems cloud security may be the hot word of the year.

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