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Leveraging AWS Infrastructure as Code to Build Scalable Infrastructure for SMBs


SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) and the AWS Infrastructure as Code approach are also a match made in heaven. Learn why >>

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How To: Reinforcing the bastion host


So, you have your crew scattered around the globe and those that have static IP are few and far between. You solved the server access by introducing the bastion host, but new issues arise all the time.

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AWS Gaming Guide for Game Development Companies: How to Easily Build Scalable Web Architectures


Regardless of whether you are a startup-level game developer or an established enterprise-level AAA company, there are certain challenges embedded in the game development process and are ubiquitous across the entirety of the current multi-user cloud-based gaming landscape. Aside from making sure that your game is enticing and innovative in terms of gameplay, game development […]

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How to refresh Terraform state – Baking in ad-hoc changes


Every once in a while, it just so happens that you are about to wrap up a DevOps project: Everything is automated and works like a charm. All of a sudden, the client approaches you, asking if you could scale up the instance to one larger after all, and maybe add another security group.

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How to Easily Create an AWS EC2 Inventory with AWS CLI


Learning how to use AWS CLI to easily create an AWS EC2 server inventory for your instances is an important step toward cost reduction and optimization.

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Reduce Costs And Boost Revenue By Smart Usage Of Spot Instances


You consider reserved instances but the savings will be negligible. RI requires that you commit yourself to at least a year, and those VMs will not be used that long. I

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Overview of AWS Cost Management Tools


Understanding AWS Cost Management Tools is a great way to reduce cost and potential errors, while at the same time improving your business’ agility.

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AWS Billing & Pricing Demystified and Actionable Tips on Cost Optimization


Understanding AWS billing and pricing, though potentially a bit intimidating to inexperienced users, is not too convoluted and is paramount to organizations seeking optimal cloud solutions for their infrastructure, services, processes, and projects.

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