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Posted by: Tamara Dutina March 29, 2021

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Automation is the keyword of the year 

ISA defines automation as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.

In this day and age, it’s no wonder a vast majority of our daily tasks – both business and personal – are a matter of a click or a schedule. Chances are, a team of software devs somewhere is currently working on a solution that will eliminate a manual task that affects your overall productivity. 

Hence our claim that automation is the keyword of the year. And while in 2020 the SaaS market expectedly boomed with work from home solutions, the impression is that 2021 SaaS will gravitate mostly towards automation. How do we know? Well, no matter what your business pain point, goal or need may be, there is an automation SaaS galore to choose from.  

To make this choice easier for you, we are sharing several carefully picked automation-driven SaaS solutions you should pay attention to. 

LinkedIn outreach – Zaplify  

What is Zaplify? 

Reaching out to prospects is becoming ever so challenging. As the tactics used for decades are no longer equally effective, sales experts everywhere are at a lookout for means to turn cold prospects into warm leads. Enter numerous marketing automation tools that help create an optimal user journey that will result in a step closer to your KPI. 

Zaplify is a sales and marketing automation SaaS with a mission to simplify the outreach process and give it a more personal note. Instead of cold calling and spammy mailing, users can leverage the tool to map a multichannel scenario starring LinkedIn, which is most likely to result in a positive response. Zaplify positions as the modern way of acquiring customers, with user simplicity in focus. 

automation saas zaplify

Why we like it:  

Zaplify positions as a golden middle between the two sales acquisition extremes: the somewhat outdated way of cold calling and emailing, and the complicated juggling between too many innovative outreach tools. It takes but three steps to create a campaign and explore effective LinkedIn prospecting made easy. 

HR recruitment automation – Ideal  

What is Ideal? 

Long gone are the days when the HR had to manually inspect hundreds or thousands of CVs to get to the selected few. This process is now dramatically shortened thanks to, you guessed it, automation. It’s just the beginning of the potential Ideal has. Based on propriety technology, Ideal offers a holistic approach to talent acquisition, recruitment and retention, by combining innovative features such as chatbot and AI-based matching. Whether you’re currently hiring or not, your HR team will have detailed and timely insight into candidates’ competencies. 

Why we like it: 

While it leverages the beauty of screening and matching, the helping AI hand in recruitment tasks isn’t the only advantage Ideal offers. It also boasts DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) as a crucial aspect which many companies are struggling to measure. 

Reporting automation – Lexio 

What is Lexio? 

You know how sometimes things that help you the most are also giving you the biggest headache? Yes, we are referring to data usage and analytics, that Holy Grail of business potential and smart decisions which is usually left neglected. The reason behind is the complexity overkill; while we are all yearning for all the insight we can get, deep dive into relevant data can be a real information overload. 

SaaS such as Lexio, uses automation to transform this known problem into an advantage. The solution bases on the power of visual storytelling to turn any analytics data into engaging and easy to understand stories. The best part is the fact that the tool integrates with aplenty of platforms (from Tableau to Google Ads) from which it automatically and continually extracts the data, analyses, prioritizes and arranges them into a story. The system learns based on interaction and thus further provides more personalization. 

Why we like it: 

Lexio combines the 1st rule of good UX – don’t make me think – with the ever so short attention span of a digital user and tops it with the beauty of the visual narrative. It’s a hit and win, for a fact. 

automation saas lexio

Amazon advertising automation – Perpetua  

What is Perpetua? 

If you’re aiming to place your product on the world’s biggest online marketplace, Amazon, it’s highly likely that you’ll be needing any help you can get. Understanding all aspects of this sales and marketing venture, Perpetua team created a SaaS that exploits AI automation for every aspect of online sales across devices, from advanced analytics to keyword harvesting. The fully automated management of campaigns on Amazon was recognized by the giant itself who Perpetua partners, but also popular brands such as Crocs and Kleenex. 

Why we like it: 

Much like every good tool, Perpetua too comes from recognition of pain points every company thriving on Amazon has. Their standpoint successfully marries the endless potential of AI automation with the ease of use on the journey to revenue growth. 

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Mobile forms automation – Device Magic 

What is Device Magic? 

There are numerous ways to collect, integrate and utilize company data, and this often-critical business task demands high-level automation to minimize the possibility of error. Device Magic is such a SaaS, made for professionals for whom inspections, safety and quality control are integral parts of work responsibility. This AWS cloud-hosted solution enables users to create, fill and share mobile forms with a variety of goals – from preventive checks to daily job progress and reporting. The software is highly customizable and adaptable to specific needs across different industry verticals, enabling users to fully automate workflow and save valuable time while keeping all the data. 

Why we like it: 

Every solution that digitizes and automatizes once a heavy paper load of manual work deserves our thumbs up – not just from the time management aspect, but from the eco perspective, too. Well thought-through (kudos to the offline access!), Device Magic is a great representative of a thriving niche that favours smart over hard work. 

automation saas device magic

If you are on the lookout for an automated SaaS within any of the given categories, we hope that our selection made some choices easier for you. Do share your recommendations and help spread the word of greatly done automation SaaS solutions worthy of a try.

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