Interview with Simon Best, CEO of BaseKit


Solutions like BaseKit enabled many small and local businesses to survive the Covid crisis with opening the online sphere. Read the interview with their CEO Simon Best.

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Discover the most promising SaaS companies that are all about automation


No matter what your business pain point, goal or need may be, there is an automation SaaS galore to choose from. To make this choice easier for you, we are sharing several carefully picked automation-driven SaaS solutions you should pay attention to.

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Interview With Gorjan Jovanovski, the Creator of the AirCare App: “Keep Creating!”


For us, as big fans of Gorjan’s work, it was a real privilege to get this interview and valuable insight into some crucial aspects of being an app developer, entrepreneur, and an overall great human being.

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Why Will 2021 Be A Year Of SaaS


SaaS is sweet from every angle: it is adjustable to any company budget, it’s agile, flexible and versatile from both strategic and operational perspective. Finally, SaaS promises and delivers numerous benefits to the user, the central figure which will enable this blooming cloud market to remain the leader for years to come.

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SaaS: Cloud-native versus On-prem


Over the last decade, we witness that so many start-up businesses are SaaS-based solutions, mainly because the payment model moves from license-based to the subscription-based.

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WFH is getting traction: How it affects teamwork and productivity?


Adjusting to the new circumstances was, and still is, a must. And somewhere down the road, many global companies seem to have realized that working from home offers as many advantages as office work does. Some go as far as asking: do we even need offices anymore?

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Resilience – a skill we need now more than ever


Resilient are those who are certain of their motives, beliefs and values. They are on a quest to fulfil their personal goal, which often includes helping others. 

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How To Protect Your Data on Zoom


From webinars, online yoga classes to online schooling and client meetings – web communication platforms and their usage flared up in the past few weeks, due to obvious, COVID-19 induced reasons. Unfortunately, so did the security issues led by various cyber-attacks, directed especially towards the most used platforms, such as Zoom.

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The pros and cons: Windows 10 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 7


Let’s take a peek at various benefits and disadvantages of Windows 10, as well as the Windows 8 and Windows 7, to see which best suits your needs.

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