Cloud Computing Benefits For Remote Work

Posted by: Tamara Dutina March 20, 2020

Category: Topic: Cloud Technology

The world’s largest work-from-home experiment is coming down at the professional world like an avalanche.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 brought immense changes to some people’s daily activities, namely working habits and rules. For many professionals around the world and across industries, working from a home “office” is a first. And, as it usually goes with new beginnings, it is hard and packed with challenges.

The obvious concerns regarding remote work are the company’s unpreparedness technical-wise (infrastructure, security, availability etc), but also a drop in motivation, organisation and teamwork.

There are, however, some good news in these uncertain times. And they are coming from our industry. Cloud computing just may turn out to be the saviour we ‘ve all been waiting for; according to Forbes, it is already helping.

Let’s elaborate.

Secure and reliable work from anywhere on the planet

If you’re a freelancer, it’s no news to you that numerous tools are allowing the luxury of safe and effective remote work. Cloud computing enables these possibilities to reach new levels. In other words, employees can access anything they need, anytime from anywhere and any device. With Office 365, for example, users have an entire array of services at their disposal, altogether creating a true virtual office.

The ultimate accessibility of crucial (and all other) web apps, services and tools are just some of the perks of the cloud. And it is just as available for sysadmins as it is for the rest of the employees. With cloud solutions, the IT department can easily track the logins, implement access control based on authority or establish real-time alerts for any suspicious behaviour. And so much more.

Collaboration tools just as you need them

From an online meeting (audio, video, both) to joined documents and resources employees can access and edit simultaneously; basically, whatever you need to get your job done as if you were at your working desk, cloud solutions will provide for you. Features and functionalities vary from basic to very advanced, supporting requests from those of a start-up to an enterprise company. If you’re not already exploiting some of these solutions, this is the right time to step up your game.

Sleep firm with disaster recovery options

The ability for quick disaster recovery is a no 1 priority for any responsible company. The reason is very simple: any data breach may be fatal for a business, especially small ones. And it’s exactly the type majority of cyberattacks are targeting. The potential nightmare scenario only magnifies if you’re working from home, feeling that you won’t be able to reach the IT department on time. Public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure or Google, offer different data recovery options to choose from. Select the right one based on your data type and size and the possibility of a hazard.

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Good time to own an online shop

In our previous blog posts, we already discussed how cloud transforms your business. And we also mentioned how the impact is greater if you have, for example, an online shop.

This period of the coronavirus pandemic is no different. On the contrary. Scalability, the magic word of cloud computing, especially shines now when there is no way to predict how your online business will go (depending on the niche, of course) and if, for example, your buyers will stock up on your products or come back to buy them periodically. No need to bust your head. If your store is already on the cloud, good job; if not, do consider it as soon as possible, as you can also count on cutting down your costs.

The upcoming days, weeks, probably months, will continue to bring strong and many unexpected changes to our professional world. Whatever comes, according to the industry experts, we will be looking up to the cloud, because it is good to know that technology so advanced as this one, can bring some certainty and reliability we very much crave.

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