Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management

Get the maximum from your AWS cloud, by reducing downtime and improving efficiency with SuperAdmins

SuperAdmins managed AWS service combines diverse international experience with problem solving approach to projects. Our cloud-native engineers are certified, informed, communicative and curious about AWS technologies and their benefits for your business.

Combined, our AWS experts have decades of experience in migration, management and DevOps on Amazon Web Services. From our AWS office, over 100 projects for clients mostly from UK, USA and Canada, have been successfully deployed.

You can trust SuperAdmins dedicated AWS team with:

Ensuring seamless workflow for your applications on AWS

Strategic approach to security, from prevention to remediation

Cost management strategy to ensure efficient spending on AWS

Establishing predictable performance by analyzing data and identifying idle components


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Our certified experts can cover all aspects of your AWS management needs:

A team of experienced cloud architects is at your disposal. We can provide you with an optimal solution in short time, tailored for your needs:

SuperAdmins dedicated AWS expert SuperAdmins AWS Managed Service
AWS Cloud Administrators 24/7/365 monitoring
and support
Real time monitoring management with own solutions, issue investigation, response and escalation.
Security Engineer
Cloud Administrator
Security management Network, data, infrastructure and host security and firewall management. From vulnerability analysis to advanced protection and compliance control.
AWS Solution Architect Performance
and cost optimisation
Cost analysis, optimisation proposals and implementation to minimize waste of resources.
Security Engineer
Cloud Administrator
Infrastructure and
Server Maintenance
Proactive monitoring, server and infrastructure assessment with operative system patch management.
Security Engineer
AWS Cloud Administrator
Backup and disaster recovery DR plan creation and implementation with an optional environment as a failover for a disaster recovery; automated snapshots and maintenance of the retention period.
AWS Solution Architect
Network Engineer
Security Engineer
AWS Cloud Administrator
Infrastructure and
server management
Infrastructure as Code, usage of custom built templates, configuration management.
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About the team

World’s largest cloud computing platform – AWS – grounds the popularity on unique features and the wide variety of workloads which can be stored, secured and deployed on it. To reap all the benefits of more than 70 wide-ranging services, you must choose a reliable partner with significant experience to guide you from strategy to implementation.

To ensure excellence of our service, we have dedicated an entire team of cloud architects and Sysadmins to the management of Amazon Web Services.

While automation is the key aspect of any Cloud deployment, it’s necessary to have a deep understanding of underlying technologies and the overall high-level overview of the infrastructure, in order to deliver the best value to the customer.

Rastko Vasiljevic, AWS Team Leader


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