Topic: CI/CD

SaaS: Cloud-native versus On-prem


Over the last decade, we witness that so many start-up businesses are SaaS-based solutions, mainly because the payment model moves from license-based to the subscription-based.

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Looking for a DevOps Expert for your Mobile App Automation? 8 Key Questions to Ask Them


This is a list of relevant and actionable questions you might want to go over with your potential DevOps engineer, so you can subsequently make a legit, data-driven decision about hiring the most adequate person for your mobile app development needs. 

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DevOps Pipeline: CI/CD Best Practices for App Automation


Managing to produce apps quickly without any compromises and caveats in terms of quality and UX is not a simple task. Striving for a faster release cycle is a necessity, but high-quality products are rarely developed in a hasty environment.

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How DevOps Improves Mobile App Automation & Development


The DevOps approach to mobile app automation acts as a bridge between development and operations by creating a streamlined pipeline and a more productive collaboration between the teams and all other contributors working on a software piece.

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