Topic: Uptime

Cloud Gaming: The Good, The Bad & The Realistic


The rise of cloud gaming services is yet to reach its peak. And although this technology is capable of providing a cornucopia of various benefits to both game developers and end-users, many industry experts are skeptical about when exactly the industry is to fully level-up to the cloud.

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Plan to fail – downtime management


It is inevitable – the systems will fail. If you bet against that tautology when designing your systems and business practices, you will lose. Badly. Your systems will fail. Count on it.  

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How to achieve high availability for your app on Azure


To achieve high availability for application, you need to make sure that you plan your infrastructure correctly to reduce the possibility of service impact in case of planned or unplanned downtimes. That includes using high-availability solutions that Azure provides.

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Define your cloud expectations – learn the important aspects of every cloud SLA


Thinking about worst-case scenarios is a must for every SLA, including the one determining the quality of service for the cloud.

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Respond to e-commerce trends with cloud technologies


This year has shown us just how unpredictable an e-commerce business can be. What is sure is that your customers and their behaviour are changing. The good news is that technology pace is faster than the human one. 

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