Telappliant case study – A seamless backup with Azure Backup Server

How SuperAdmins provided a seamless backup with Azure Backup Server for Telappliant data centre.

Case study summary and brief

Telappliant operates with two data centres – one located in London and the other in Manchester. London based data centre works as the primary one with provided backup solution, as well as data replication to Manchester data centre.

Prior to the beginning of the project, Manchester data centre, as a secondary one, didn’t have implemented backup solution nor data replication to other location. Therefore, Telappliant briefed the SuperAdmins team to propose and implement a backup solution for the machines and establish the process in a most secure manner. The focus was to ensure the client’s data is safe from loss and ransomware threats while keeping a local backup of the resources easily accessible, in case of a need for a quick recovery.

Why Microsoft Azure Backup Server

To perform a completely secure data backup, we needed a solution which enables a simultaneous backup onsite and offsite and provides threat-proof data encryption. We choose to implement the backup with Azure Backup Server, due to its safety capabilities and features, adequate for workloads such as those of Telappliant’s. The cost-effectiveness of this solution was a bonus.

After a security assessment and project analysis, we identified the Azure Backup Server as the optimal solution, as there are not many reliable services which can be integrated with public cloud providers. Apart from the crucial feature – a complete safety of client’s data – Azure also bears other advantages:
– Provides a local backup which synchronises with the cloud
– No licence needed for on-premise infrastructure
– The pay what you use model

The execution steps

Once we established the most advantageous server solution, SuperAdmins team which consisted of a Cloud Solution Architect and a System Engineer, proceeded to the execution steps:

– Creating Azure tenant subscription
– Creating a recovery service vault
– Installing and configuring an Azure backup server in the local environment
– Configuring protection groups and retention policies

The Benefits

Backup that is implemented in this way, ensures complete safety of the data and the resources, with all backup files encrypted and protected in both transit and rest.

About The Client


Telappliant is an award-winning VoIP and cloud communications provider from the UK. As a global provider of integrated voice systems, cloud and Internet solutions, Telappliant helps the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. The beginning of SuperAdmins cooperation with Telappliant dates to 2017, since when we’ve been working on infrastructure support, data centre support and DevOps.