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Boost your agility, cut your costs: How to start with Containers on Azure

  • Posted by Tamara Dutina
  • On April 16, 2020
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On-demand webinar

Boost your agility, cut your costs:
How to start with Containers on Azure

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Vladimir Stefanovic

Azure Team Lead @SuperAdmins

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About the webinar

Containers are not a “buzzword” anymore. They are the future of your application environment.

As other cloud provides, Microsoft too offers a few options to run your containerized workload on Azure, depending on your needs.


Apart from customization, Containers enable you to:

  • Cut your costs: they require less resources than VMs
  • Stay secure: if one container is threatened, the problem stays contained
  • Be agile and productive, as you can easily move an app to a new platform or OS


… and so much more.


How to leverage these benefits and transform your app deployment? Learn in our dedicated online session, after which you will be able to run your containerized application on Azure.


Who is this webinar for?

Suited for developers, system administrators and engineers willing to step up their game and learn more about Containers. CTOs will also find this webinar useful.


Why attend?

Learning about container concepts in Azure requires an experienced teacher, detailed explanations and a demo. So, in approximately 30 minutes, you can expect just that. This webinar will be led by our Azure team leader and a Microsoft MVP Vladimir Stefanovic. In this session, you will find out from Vladimir how to leverage the abovementioned benefits and transform your app deployment.


What will you learn?

To be more precise, this on-demand webinar is designed to give you a hands-on insight on:


  • how to start with containers in Azure
  • how to run Docker in Azure
  • how to run containers using Azure platforms services
  • how to configure an image repository that Azure offers as a service.

About the Speaker

Vladimir Stefanovic is a Microsoft Team Lead in Belgrade based company SuperAdmins, a Microsoft MVP and Azure certified expert with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, which he selflessly shares on his blog Trainer Tech. Vladimir is among most respectable experts in the Azure community on a global level. His devotion to Microsoft Azure made him a regular speaker and workshop trainer on various worldwide conferences and led to publication of three books available on Amazon.

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