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How To Leverage The Benefits of Microsoft Azure

How To Leverage The Benefits of Microsoft Azure

An exclusive insight into Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet (the cloud), enabling faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Shifting a business to the cloud is a good idea for any company or organization which aims to be more mobile, secure and cost effective. Experts say – it is a good idea for almost any type of business.

Azure, proudly created by Microsoft, is a business-centred platform with unique solutions for enterprise companies. To dig deeper into all the posibilities of Microsoft Azure, join us on an exclusive webinar hosted by a certified and internationally recognized Azure expert Vladimir Stefanovic. Vladimir will guide you through characteristics and advantages of the cloud solution trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

This is the first in the series of six completely free, Microsoft Azure dedicated webinars. Every one of them will be focused on different aspects of this cloud platform and enriched with special insights from our experienced Microsoft guru.

All IT and C-level professionals interested to switch their business to cloud.

It takes only 30 minutes for our senior Microsoft System Engineer, an experienced Azure trainer, to guide you through benefits of this platform and explain whether this is the right set of services for your business and/or organisation. We will dedicate 5 minutes to the QA section, where you can learn answers to all the questions you might have had about the platform and its deployment.

Particularities of Microsoft Azure major advantages and how to employ them for achieving your business goals:

  • High availability
  • Scalability & Agility
  • Elasticity
  • Fault tolerance & Disaster recovery
  • Customer latency capabilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Security



Vladimir Stefanovic is a Microsoft Team Lead in Belgrade based company SuperAdmins, a Microsoft Azure certified expert with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, which he selflessly shares on his blog Tech Trainer. Vladimir is among the most respected experts in the Azure community, with an immense passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge. His devotion to Microsoft Azure made him a regular speaker and workshop trainer on various worldwide conferences and led to the publication of three books available on Amazon. This year, he will be among Expert Staffers at Microsoft Ignite, an international annual conference for developers and IT professionals hosted by Microsoft.

Register to save your seat!

The first free expert-guided webinar about Azure is scheduled for October 29th at 1PM ET. We made the webinar also available on-demand for those who won’t be able to make it at given time.

If you’re in, we suggest you hurry and register for attendance, as the number of available spots is limited! Registration is very easy – just fill in the form and save your seat.

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