Topic: Cloud Technology

Respond to e-commerce trends with cloud technologies


This year has shown us just how unpredictable an e-commerce business can be. What is sure is that your customers and their behaviour are changing. The good news is that technology pace is faster than the human one. 

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Why Google Cloud Platform?


In this day and age, choosing the right cloud service provider is not an easy task. There are a lot of offers and new services are spawning left and right so choosing the right cloud provider is slowly but surely turning into black art.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy & How Public Cloud Can Help


The outbreak has also immediately and directly started to affect almost every industry across global financial markets, with the ever-present and a quite scary idiom “the worst is yet to come” becoming more frequent by the day.

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Cloud Computing Benefits For Remote Work


Scalability, the magic word of cloud computing, especially shines now when there is no way to predict how your online business will go (depending on the niche, of course) and if, for example, your buyers will stock up on your products or come back to buy them periodically.

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Hybrid Identity Cloud Management Horror Stories & How to Prevent Them


The news got around and I was called into a couple of horror stories regarding Hybrid Identity. My ‘six horror stories of Hybrid Identity mismanagement’ session showcases these stories.

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Reduce Costs And Boost Revenue By Smart Usage Of Spot Instances


You consider reserved instances but the savings will be negligible. RI requires that you commit yourself to at least a year, and those VMs will not be used that long. I

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Lift and shift – an express lane to the cloud


Your cloud infrastructure still struggles to cope with peak usage and short downtime of one of your cloud provider’s availability zones caused your services to be unavailable. What went wrong?

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Definitive Guide to Understanding IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS


Understanding both the major and the underlying differences between the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models is paramount if you want your organization to function in the best, most optimal and most efficient way possible.

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Types of Cloud Computing: Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid vs. Multi-Cloud


These days, we can choose among several strategies in how we can organize our information services while utilizing the benefits of cloud architecture.

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Top cloud trends to expect in 2020


It was always hard to predict trends in computing, and this one about the state of cloud computing in 2020 is no different.

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Cloud cost optimisation – best practices


Adopting the cloud means that you are about to embark on a dynamic and complex journey to achieve business prosperity on many levels. There is a reason why the vast majority of companies are spending most of their efforts to reduce costs on the cloud and improve the overall efficiency.

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A Complete Guide to Cloud Enablement


A complete guide on how and why your company should initiate Cloud Enablement and reap the benefits of a dynamically scalable infrastructure.

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