Topic: Cloud Security

Actionable Guide to Microsoft Azure Security Concerns


Much like any other public provider of cloud-based or cloud-native services, Microsoft Azure too brings a plethora of advantages, but also a handful of challenges and concerns. These challenges are often pegged to the very process of cloud migration, while the concerns almost always refer to potential security-related issues.  Needless to say, security is a […]

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Actionable Guide to Microsoft Azure Security Best Practices


Ensuring top-tier security and protection of your data, projects, and services in the cloud may cause convoluted and unique challenges. However, if you approach this task granularly and properly understand and deploy Azure security best practices, your business will achieve a strong, streamlined, cost-effective, and safe infrastructure.

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Industry-focused Approach to Microsoft Azure Security Concerns


Many industries have recognized the high compliance and security standards that Microsoft Azure provides to their customers, which is an extremely important element in the trust relationship.

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What is Cloud Computing Security and Why it is Crucial for Your Business?


Cloud Security, or Cloud Computing Security, is a sub-domain of computer/network/information security and represents a wide set of technologies, policies, apps, and controls used to protect data, virtualized IP, apps, services, and the associated cloud computing infrastructure.  The advent of cloud computing and its growing popularity has enabled and given rise to cloud computing security […]

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Cloud Security – here is what you should know


When you plan to migrate to a new IT environment, such as the cloud, you have to ask yourself: can I protect my data and my infrastructure from misuse and how to do it?

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