Cost optimization

Azure Cost Optimization: 7 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Azure Costs


There are various built-in pricing models to help you with your Azure cost management and numerous tools to assist you with optimizing your budget, but the process of focused cost optimization that can truly make a difference comes with experience and expertise.

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How to Easily Create an AWS EC2 Inventory with AWS CLI


Learning how to use AWS CLI to easily create an AWS EC2 server inventory for your instances is an important step toward cost reduction and optimization.

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Reduce Costs And Boost Revenue By Smart Usage Of Spot Instances


You consider reserved instances but the savings will be negligible. RI requires that you commit yourself to at least a year, and those VMs will not be used that long. I

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Overview of AWS Cost Management Tools


Understanding AWS Cost Management Tools is a great way to reduce cost and potential errors, while at the same time improving your business’ agility.

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AWS Billing & Pricing Demystified and Actionable Tips on Cost Optimization


Understanding AWS billing and pricing, though potentially a bit intimidating to inexperienced users, is not too convoluted and is paramount to organizations seeking optimal cloud solutions for their infrastructure, services, processes, and projects.

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Cloud cost optimisation – best practices


Adopting the cloud means that you are about to embark on a dynamic and complex journey to achieve business prosperity on many levels. There is a reason why the vast majority of companies are spending most of their efforts to reduce costs on the cloud and improve the overall efficiency.

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