Topic: Microsoft Azure

Running your containerized workload on Azure


One of the hosting platforms for application, that is in expansion over the last few years are containers. Containers allow you to package up code and all its dependencies and offer an isolated environment for running applications

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How to achieve high availability for your app on Azure


To achieve high availability for application, you need to make sure that you plan your infrastructure correctly to reduce the possibility of service impact in case of planned or unplanned downtimes. That includes using high-availability solutions that Azure provides.

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Azure Cost Optimization: 7 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Azure Costs


There are various built-in pricing models to help you with your Azure cost management and numerous tools to assist you with optimizing your budget, but the process of focused cost optimization that can truly make a difference comes with experience and expertise.

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How to improve communication security between App Service and Azure SQL Database


Improving communication between Azure SQL database and App Service brings a significant boost in PaaS security. Learn the steps to advanced security >>

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How To Run Azure Container Instances


Azure Container Instances is a great option for deploying various workloads in Azure. Like as other PaaS services, it is managed by Microsoft, so you can focus on application development, instead of managing complex container infrastructure.

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Azure VMware Services – expanding your VMware infrastructure to Azure cloud


As with every IaaS offering, you are paying only resources that you use, so you do not have any initial investment in service as you would have in case you wanted to expand your infrastructure locally. As for Azure VMware Solutions, the billing cycle is monthly.

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Get to know Azure DevOps services and their value


Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which provides each team member with a possibility to implement DevOps procedures in each of the application lifecycle phases – plan, develop, deliver and operate.

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Actionable Guide to Microsoft Azure Security Concerns


Much like any other public provider of cloud-based or cloud-native services, Microsoft Azure too brings a plethora of advantages, but also a handful of challenges and concerns. These challenges are often pegged to the very process of cloud migration, while the concerns almost always refer to potential security-related issues.  Needless to say, security is a […]

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Actionable Guide to Microsoft Azure Security Best Practices


Ensuring top-tier security and protection of your data, projects, and services in the cloud may cause convoluted and unique challenges. However, if you approach this task granularly and properly understand and deploy Azure security best practices, your business will achieve a strong, streamlined, cost-effective, and safe infrastructure.

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Industry-focused Approach to Microsoft Azure Security Concerns


Many industries have recognized the high compliance and security standards that Microsoft Azure provides to their customers, which is an extremely important element in the trust relationship.

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What is Cloud Computing Security and Why it is Crucial for Your Business?


Cloud Security, or Cloud Computing Security, is a sub-domain of computer/network/information security and represents a wide set of technologies, policies, apps, and controls used to protect data, virtualized IP, apps, services, and the associated cloud computing infrastructure.  The advent of cloud computing and its growing popularity has enabled and given rise to cloud computing security […]

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Azure IaaS: Benefits of Moving your Infrastructure to Azure Cloud


The basic division according to the cloud service model is something we initially encounter when selecting the right service for each project that needs to be implemented. The question that typically crops up is: Do we need Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS)?

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